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Eliminating Biochemical Imbalances – The Nutritional Reflex Technique

Most illness is really the end result of a series of biochemical imbalances in the body, which can overwhelm its ability to compensate. Nutritional Reflex Technique (NRT) is a method of analysis ABA uses to determine these imbalances which cause poor health.

Within the body, energy flows along specific pathways to “feed” the organs, tissues and various physiologic processes. NRT allows the practitioner to find imbalances in your body by testing energy points along these pathways. This process also helps to identify the nutritional substances that can help restore normal function to each affected area of your body. By selecting the best mix of vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic remedies, NRT can help you achieve true health.

How Nutritional Reflex Technique Works

NRT is an alternative health care method for discovering biochemical imbalances within the body and restoring balance through nutritional supplementation. When everything in your body is functioning in harmony, you have true health. But, if there are physical or mental imbalances – for whatever reason – you will not be well, whether you have visible symptoms or not. Over time, one imbalance leads to another in a domino effect, overwhelming the body’s ability to compensate.

By using NRT, the flow of energy within your body can be evaluated by testing specific points along the energy pathways. The actual procedure involves a muscle strength test to identify biochemical imbalances, which can then be treated using nutritional substances.

Through an individually determined, specific nutritional supplement program, the body is cleansed and nourished down to the cellular level, so it can do what’s natural: restore balance and return to health. The method used at ABA was devised by Dr. Gary Lasneski, a Massachusetts chiropractor, who advanced the technique using his knowledge of clinical nutrition, Chinese medicine, and quantum physics.

NRT Testing & Treatment

To do NRT muscle testing, a practitioner usually uses the shoulder muscle. While you hold your arm out to the side, gentle downward pressure is put on the arm by the practitioner while various energy points on your body are simultaneously touched. If there is an imbalance in the organ, tissue or physiologic process associated with that point, the energy field there will be weak and your arm will drop.

Once the imbalances are identified, you will be asked to hold samples of multiple nutritional formulas. These supplements have energy fields, like all matter. If the formula will help to correct the problem associated with the weakness of that energy point, then its energy will immediately increase the strength of the muscle being tested and the arm will “lock-in.” If the formula will not be helpful or will make the condition worse, the muscle will stay as weak as before or weaken further.

A mix of vitamins, minerals, herbs, glandular extracts and homeopathic remedies will be selected to achieve the best results. During testing, there are often several formulas that will make a point quite strong. As a result, the practitioner will test various combinations and quantities of ingredients to find the ideal blend. When the optimal program is found, there is a shift in energy at the point being tested, which can also be detected by a change in muscle strength.

By the time most people come to ABA for an evaluation, they have tried many treatments that have failed to resolve their health problem. At that point, they are impatient for results, but finding the right answer and making a lasting correction will take some time.

Experience has shown that the NRT approach is safe, less expensive in the long run, and more effective than most other forms of analysis and treatment. However, considering all the variables, a cure cannot be guaranteed with NRT or any medical technique. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people who follow through with the program experience relief of most, if not all, of their symptoms. Remember, health problems can take years to develop, that is why we ask patients to give the NRT treatment program a minimum of several months to achieve significant results.

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