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What Our Patients Say About Their Results With Chiropractic Care

Joan C.

Thank you for all of the diligent attention you gave to me and my health history before beginning treatment. I am very optimistic that I will benefit from your expertise and it is clearly evident that you have a genuine concern for helping your patients get their health back. In my case, it will literally mean getting my life back.

Jessica W.

Love coming there. Wish I heard about your office earlier. Friendly staff and Dr. Pickens is easy to talk to and listens. I don’t feel like I’m just a number.

Elyssa S.

I feel like Dr. Pickens is well rounded in so many areas that it truly is holistic medicine. I have been looking for answers to my health problems for years and have visited many doctors. They all tell me “you’re fine” and I know I’m not. In a single visit Dr. Pickens found a number of issues and even after the first visit I started feeling better.

Angelica M.

This is the most amazing doctor I have ever seen! Well rounded, holistic, detail-oriented, I never feel rushed, and feel like Dr. Pickens creates the space for me to ask as many questions as I need to. I instantly felt better and have only continued improving since then.

Travis H.

The staff is great and friendly! They even called me to let me know that they were running a little behind on my appointment day so I could minimize my time away from work. The doctor is great! His approach to my specific condition was straight forward and understandable. Not only is he interested in your spine health, he also wants to improve your overall health by offering his advise from years of experience and expertise. I have recommended him to literally everyone I know! I just wish I had found him sooner!

Carrie S.

Absolutely amazed by this experience. So eager to see the results of my son’s treatment.

Pamela M.

I have seen Dr. Pickens for Allergies and Back injury. Allergies are gone. Back is better than before injury. I would highly recommend him.

Karen W.

I am so thankful that I learned of Dr. Pickens from my husband and other friends! Honestly, I was so skeptical and afraid to try chiropractic health that I delayed my visit for over a year. After my initial visit, I am very thankful for many reasons: I have a better understanding of how chiropractic adjustments work, I had my questions and concerns clearly answered, I finally understand what is causing my back discomfort, I feel 90% better after just one visit; I love that it is natural and holistic, Dr. Pickens is relaxed and puts one at ease, and I am more hopeful and excited about life. Thank you!

Marilyn R.

I was impressed with Dr. Pickens, his office staff, and the office itself. He was recommended to me by my heart doctor. I watched a helpful DVD that explained how he would make his adjustments. He took two x-rays so he knew exactly what was out of alignment to work at. A lending library is also part of the office waiting room as well as some DVD’s that explain different health issues while you are waiting. After the second treatment I do feel there is improvement.

Jeanne H., AGE 47:
After numerous medical and podiatric treatments failed, plantar fasciitis of 5 years duration relieved with several months of chiropractic and nutritional therapy. Off all asthma medication also, as a wonderful side effect.

I developed plantar fasciitis, a very painful foot condition, over 5 years ago. First it was just an annoying pain and I went to my family physician. He had me do the standard stretches for about 6 months, but the condition worsened. He then sent me to a foot doctor. He fit me with orthotics and I continued with the stretches for 3 months, but the condition worsened. He then put me on oral steroids which helped the pain for a while, but only some and only while I took the steroids. As soon as they wore off the pain returned, and I began to gain weight. He then started with cortisone shots. After the first shot I thought I was in heaven as the pain was completely gone- the first time in over a year, and I felt great. But that only lasted for a week and then the pain returned. He then put me back on oral steroids and sent me to physical therapy for 12 weeks, but to no avail. The pain worsened. He then gave me a second cortisone shot, and again I was in heaven, as the pain was completely gone. But that was short lived. After 3 weeks my plantar tendon ruptured and the pain was now 10 times worse than it was before. I could not walk on my foot with out tears. There now was nothing he could do for me.

I then sought out an orthopedic surgeon. Upon meeting with him he told me that there was not much hope. Surgery was a last resort since he gave me less than a 50% chance of success and a 25% chance of it getting worse. Those were not odds I was willing to take, so he worked with me by putting a cast on my foot and told me not to bear weight on it for 3 months. I was on crutches for this. After the 3 months I started to develop the condition in my other foot, so he put me in a wheel chair for another 3 months. When the cast came off, the pain was still there. He then recommended an experimental therapy that was not covered by my insurance and was extremely expensive. It also did not have a track record of success with my issue. I opted to pass and try to find a more affordable treatment, but told him I would be back if I couldn’t find one.

Another year had gone by and now I was desperate. Still not being able to walk on my foot, I sought out Dr. Pickens. My 80 year old mother-in-law had been going to him for many, many years, and because of his treatments she is in great health and not on any medications. She suggested I try him, and I thought that it probably wouldn’t help, but why not, I was desperate. He started me on adjustments for my foot (who would have thought that a foot could be adjusted), laser therapy, new orthotics (his orthotics!), spinal adjustments, and nutritional therapy. After 3 months I was able to walk with substantially less pain. Now, after almost 2 years and less than half the money I would have spent on the experiment treatment with the orthopedic surgeon, I am able to do almost anything- shop all day, run on my elliptical, etc.. Now I just go for maintenance adjustments once every couple of months to keep everything working normally and prevent a relapse. Oh, and as a side note, I am now completely off my asthma medication. Not bad for a side effect! Thank you so much Dr. Pickens- you gave me my life back!

Alexia C., AGE 27:
Sleeping soundly through the night after only 3 adjustments after having insomnia for 6 years.

I’ll admit it, I was a skeptic. My mother had been going to see Dr. Pickens for several months with “life changing results” and consistently tried to get me to join her for an assessment. I resisted, but, even at 27, if your mom tells you to do something enough times, you do it.

At my first visit, I filled out a very comprehensive survey detailing how I felt on a daily basis, my lifestyle habits, and any chronic problems I suffered from. Surprisingly, the survey asked if I suffered from insomnia. I thought to myself, “Why on earth would a chiropractor want to know if I was sleeping at night?” But frankly, I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep for close to six years and I had tried every over the counter and prescription sleep aid out there, so I answered the question with a resounding, “YES!”

Still slightly skeptical, I then met with Dr. Pickens. He explained how and why chiropractic can help every area of your health and told me that he believed he could help me sleep. I challenged him to do just that. After maybe three visits I tried falling asleep without using any sleep aids….and it worked! I slept! I slept soundly! I honestly couldn’t believe it. And it wasn’t a fluke. Truly, I can’t keep my eyes open past 10:30 anymore and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Currently I see Dr. Pickens about once every six weeks. It did take some commitment in the beginning, but once he got my body to where it needed to be I was able to drastically reduce the frequency of my visits and still maintain all the benefits of treatment. Now I know why my mom called it “life changing”.

Adam S., AGE 27:
Multiple back and extremity joint problems corrected. Able to lead an active lifestyle and stay in great shape with regular chiropractic adjustments.

After making the decision to stay in Bowling Green after college, I decided that I needed a chiropractor closer to my new home, and I was referred to Dr. Pickens. I could not be happier with the chiropractic care I received from him. As an active, working individual who is still involved in sports and fitness, I am constantly putting a lot of stress on my body. Seeing Dr. Pickens for adjustments has not only helped me continue my active lifestyle, but I have greatly benefited from his overall focus on maintaining wellness. When a shoulder problem which started in early high school began to bother me after more than 12 years without symptoms, Dr. Pickens was able to help me with what once were nagging problems with my elbows and feet. I hold him in the esteem when it comes to my chiropractic care and overall wellness. At 27 years old, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life, and I owe much of that to Dr. Pickens.

I would also like to say a few words about the staff at ABA Chiropractic. I remember the time I hurt my back and badly needed an adjustment, but Dr. Pickens was on vacation. The staff referred me to one of his trusted partners, proceeded to book an appointment for me, and then went out of their way on their own time to take over my x-rays so that I could receive an adjustment. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and care about my well being just as Dr. Pickens does, and they show it.

Chiropractic has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. Not only am I pain-free, but I have an improved quality of life and wellness that could never have been possible without Dr. Pickens’ care. Thanks Dr. Pickens!

Judy R., AGE 61:
Able to ride on a motorcycle again after only a month of treatment for muscle spasms in the right leg, which forced the use of a cane to walk.

I’m happy to say I enjoyed a motorcycle ride for the first time in a long time again yesterday. That statement testifies to the abilities of Dr. Michael Pickens.

When I went to see Dr. Pickens I was using a cane and having severe pain from a muscle spasm in my right thigh which started 8 months earlier. I was taking pain meds prescribed by MD’s who could not find what was causing the spasm even after performing many medical tests! Dr. Pickens gave me a thorough exam and started a program of adjustments specifically designed for me. After only a month of treatment I am able to walk without a cane or other assistance. The spasms are almost completely gone, and I only have slight pain left. Thank you Dr. Pickens.

Rene S., AGE 30:
Relief of back, neck, knee and chest pain, as well as, frequent numbness in the left arm and in the toes upon awakening from a nights sleep. Happy to be able to do normal daily activities and hike again pain-free.

By going to Dr. Pickens my overall health has improved in many ways. For several years I had been having terrible back, neck, and knee pain. It was to the point that medium to long car rides were very uncomfortable for my back and I was apprehensive about pressing on the brake for fear of causing more pain. I was having many unexpected shooting pains in my back and knees, and it was uncomfortable walking up stairs. In addition, at times I would wake up with numbness in my toes and an unusual kind of numbness from my left shoulder to my fingertips. For about a year, I was also having heart pains for which the doctors did not have an explanation.

All my problems have improved, subsided, or gone back to normal by seeing Dr. Pickens and getting my spine in alignment, which in turn take away the inflammation and nerve pressure that causes pain. I can enjoy hiking again, do not dread going up stairs, and have less headaches even. Thank you ABA!

Carol C., AGE 68:

Severe right-sided neck and shoulder pain of two weeks duration almost gone 3 within weeks after starting treatment, just in time to enjoy grandson’s wedding

My problem started about 5 weeks ago. I started having pain in the right side of my neck and shoulder. Thinking I’d done something to pull or strain a muscle, I just tried to ignore it hoping it would go away.

Well it didn’t go away. It just kept getting worse. So I decided I’d have to do something about it and made some inquiries about a reputable chiropractor. I was referred to Dr. Pickens by someone who had gone to him on several occasions.

When I went to Dr. Pickens, I’d already been in pain for more than two weeks. One of my grandsons was getting married in less than 3 weeks, and I told Dr. Pickens I’d like to be pain-free by then.

After several visits, first starting with 3 times per week, then twice a week, and now once a week, I can say I’m pain-free most of the time.

The wedding has come and gone, and thanks to Dr. Pickens, I had a very enjoyable time!

Jean H., AGE 76:
Feels 20 years younger since back, neck, jaw, shoulder and foot pain gone

I started going to Dr. Pickens only a few months ago, and already I am feeling much better. I had aches from head to toe, and Dr. Pickens has helped me feel 20 years younger instead of 20 years older. He’s fixed my jaw, lower back, neck and my upper back muscles. He even put my shoulder back in the socket, which has been out for a very long time. I couldn’t even use my arm, hardly at all. Now I have full use of it again. I was also having problems with my feet, and with only a little chiropractic treatment, my foot is much better. I truly believe in chiropractic treatment.

Alisa H., AGE 33:
Pregnant within 2 ½ months after starting chiropractic care and acupuncture, after 8 years of trying and failing.

After trying to become pregnant for eight years and having many fertility treatments that failed, my husband and I decided to try the natural way. I decided to go to Dr. Pickens along with an acupuncturist. Dr. Pickens did some alignment treatments, and between the two, within two and a half months I became pregnant. I continued to see Dr. Pickens throughout my pregnancy and stayed very comfortable and had an easy delivery! I would recommend Dr. Pickens to anyone in my situation and to anyone with back discomfort. He is very caring, listens to your discomfort, and eases your pain without pain.

Carmelita K., AGE 48:
Relief from neck pain after other approaches failed and told to, “Just live with it.”

Introduction to Chiropractic Care for me came through the solicitous urging of my podiatrist, who had been treating me for recurrent foot ailments. On learning of my chronic neck problem, he strongly encouraged me to seek Chiropractic help.

I had sustained a cervical injury approximately seven years earlier and was unable to rotate my neck without severe discomfort. After several visits to internists, physical therapy sessions, muscle relaxants, and being told, “You will just have to live with the pain,” I felt this as yet unexplored avenue of medicine might be the answer.

However, being in the medical profession for over 20 years, and having heard nothing but “horror stories” about Chiropractors, I was most apprehensive! My fears were allayed almost immediately. After only two treatments with Dr. Pickens, pain was considerably reduced and flexibility tremendously increased. On examination, a mid-lower back problem was also detected, and both are currently responding, as well as the cervical area. I would not hesitate to endorse Chiropractic Care and can truly say I have never felt better!

Anyone seeing Dr. Pickens, has chosen not only a health care practitioner skilled in chiropractic, but also one having expertise in nutrition and exercise. Dr. Pickens actually listens to his patients and is dedicated to helping them achieve good health. If one cooperates and avails oneself of his guidance, suggestions and recommendations, not only relief and freedom from pain, but an overall sense of well being and fitness is the ultimate reward.

Jill D., AGE 57:
Not satisfied with results from local chiropractors, drives over an hour to get to Toledo for relief from back, neck and extremity problems.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Pickens for 5 years now, and I travel over an hour one way to get to his office in Toledo. I’ve gone to local chiropractors, but the results have not been nearly as effective, so to me it’s very much worth the extra time and travel expense.

Dr. Pickens has helped me with various problems. The first and most annoying was a tickle in my throat. It would keep me up at night, and all throughout the day I was extremely bothered by it. I never related it to an auto accident until I first came to Dr. Pickens, and he told me of others who had the same problem after an accident. He adjusted the vertebrae that was causing the problem, and what a wonderful relief. Whenever my tickle spot flares up, I know now that I can get relief just by a simple adjustment.

Another problem I had was tennis elbow. For years I suffered with burning pain in my elbow, then after a few adjustments, my pain was gone. It too flares up now and then, but is controlled.

Heel spurs were also very painful when I would get up from sitting or lying down. My feet are now pain free after having them adjusted properly.

Dr. Pickens also keeps other problems I suffer from in check, such as a herniated disc in my lower back. I believe I would have had to undergo surgery for this, had it not been for him keeping me in alignment in that area. Not only has the chiropractic aspect of his practice helped me, but I have also definitely benefited from his supplement and nutrition programs.

I have personally recommended many of my own dear family members and friends to Dr. Pickens, and they too have had great results. I truly recommend him to anyone with any kind of health problem, as he is definitely unique in today’s health profession. He takes great care, concern and time with each patient, and has a very strong desire to cure, or at the very least, relieve each of his patient’s ailments. I sincerely have great respect and admiration for him, and consider him to be a good friend.

Opal B., AGE 45:

Severe stuttering problems since 5 years old dramatically improved. Carpal tunnel syndrome and swelling in legs almost totally corrected in a short time.

“I am a 45-year old woman, who has had a stuttering problem ever since I started school. I have been in speech therapy, and I went to special schools and classes all through my school life. After I graduated, I was told that I was considered to be handicap and was offered help by the State to train me on jobs so that I did not have to speak. While going through school, all the kids made fun of me. So, I did not want to be in the public eye. I settled for a factory job and worked on machines by myself and on the line so that I did not have to speak to people.

My job has put me in roles that I thought would never have to do. Now I have to speak in front of up to 100 people in meetings, and I have two or three conference calls a day. For stutters, talking on the phone and in front of people is the hardest thing we have to do. I tried some new things like taking pills; a two-week schooling by calling a doctor in New York; and little pager like devise that would go off every five minutes to remind me to do certain techniques that I was taught. None of it worked. I gave up on all efforts until my family made me an appointment with Dr. Pickens.

I started working with Dr. Pickens, and I made a drastic improvement in my speech. It is very noticeable. No funny devices – no special breathing. Now, I am very comfortable speaking in large crowds and everyone can see a change in my pattern of speech.

I also had very bad swelling in my legs and carpel tunnel in my wrist (I had been on permanent work restrictions for carpel tunnel.) It turned out that my back and neck were out of place and needed re-alignment. Since being treated by Dr. Pickens and his wife, Nancy, this has improved a great deal. My wrist doesn’t hurt, and it is no longer swelling. I can type all day at my job with no issues. The swelling in my legs has decreased so much that I even lost inches.

I wish that I had listened to my sister, who tried to talk me into seeing Dr. Pickens years ago. She also has had tremendous success with her chronic fatigue thanks to Dr. Pickens. I wish that I had not wasted all this time now that I feel and speak better. I would highly recommend anyone that has a stuttering problem to try Dr. Pickens’ treatment as it really does work!”

Noreen C., AGE 56:
The only chiropractor who has ever helped, and a doctor who really cares.

“Dr. Mike, Your new website is awesome! I’m so proud to know ya! Thanks for the letter to us concerning our Medical Mutual insurance. I’m so glad you are now an in-network provider. That really helps us a lot financially. We will be back. You are the only chiropractor that has ever been able to help me! God Bless you for all the great work you do and for all the help you give to people. You are truly one of a kind . . . not many doctors care about their patients as much as you do in this day and age. See ya soon.”

Karla R., AGE 49:
First Christmas in years able to do job as postal carrier without neck and foot pain.

“I started seeing Dr. Pickens several years ago for food allergies. My symptoms were embarrassing gas and frequent (10 times per day) explosive, loose stools. These symptoms began to interfere with my ability to do my job. They were resolved through NAET treatments. Then Dr. Pickens helped me to rebuild my immune system and nutritional health.

I had a couple of immunity issues, though, that remained unsolved. I was somewhat fearful of chiropractic adjustments, but I’ve learnt to trust Dr. Pickens because of my success with his treatments so far. So, he ran a scan of my spine and determined that the chiropractic treatments would help me.

I am a 47-year old female mail carrier with degenerative disc disease. I receive monthly massages to keep ahead of overuse issues as a result of my job. After a few adjustments, my massage therapist was amazed how much looser my back was. I also have full range of motion of my neck now, which has had some restrictions that were unresolved for years. I feel so much better and this is the first Christmas season I’m working without pain.

I also love to walk, but my feet had begun to have a lot of pain. I visited a podiatrist and all she could do for me was to fit me with orthotics. These helped, but the pain continued to increase to the point I stopped walking for exercise. I never thought to ask Dr. Pickens about my feet until another patient in the waiting room told me how he helped her foot pain, so I asked. Now I walk pain free.”

Marilyn P., AGE 59:
Able to sleep comfortably in bed again after 5 yrs of being forced to sleep in recliner due to severe lower back pain.

“I am writing to thank you for your medical services that you perform on both my husband and myself.

It seems like a miracle to me that after five years of having to sleep in a recliner to avoid excruciating pain that I can now sleep comfortably in a flat bed. Before I came to see you, I would awaken with back pain that was so bad that I would rather not sleep unless I could do so in a sitting position. When I had my knee replacement surgery this year, all my pain became so much worse because I could not even walk in a balanced manner. While you worked on my spine, you also found other ways to help me recover from my knee replacement.

You fixed everything so well, that I now have my life back! I can be an active woman again without fear of how much pain I will feel later. Seeing you monthly for a check-up and maintenance makes me feel that I can try to do anything. It is also reassuring to know that if I do in some way make things bad again, you are only a phone call away.

My husband, who was so skeptical when I first started treating with you, has come to realize that your treatments are benefiting him also. He was very hesitant to let you work on him, but feels so much better than he did before he saw you. Thank you!

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