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Anti-Aging Test in Toledo

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  • I tend to eat like most Americans, shop at traditional grocery stores and follow the standard guidelines for food.
  • I drink tap water, diet or sugary beverages most days.
  • I prefer beer or mixed drinks > 2 drinks/day
  • I try to eat a diet that is lower in refined carbs and higher in animal protein and fats.
  • I mostly drink purified water, tea (green, black, herbal) or coffee.
  • When I drink alcohol
    I prefer wine, but often drink > 5oz/day
  • My diet is 80% organic plant-based with 5+ servings of veggies /day & good fats: olive oil, nuts,etc
  • I only eat fish that is wild caught or meat that is grass-fed
  • I drink spring water, tea (green, black, herbal) or coffee.
  • I drink red wine limit of 5oz /day


  • I have never fasted
  • I have attempted a fast once or twice in my lifetime.
  • I fast regularly, at least once a year with intermittent fasting or a diet that mimics fasting.


  • I don’t or rarely exercise.
  • I try to avoid manual labor around the house.
  • I don’t exercise my brain
  • I exercise when I have time or inconsistently.
  • I do light housekeeping or yard work.
  • I sometimes do puzzles or read
  • I exercise on a regular basis, both resistance and aerobic activities.
  • I do most manual labor in my home.
  • I do brain exercises and learn new tasks

Blood Tests

  • Inflammatory markers and blood sugar control above lab normal or unknown. (CRP, HgbA1C, fasting insulin, etc.)
  • Inflammatory markers and blood sugar control within lab normal. (CRP, HgbA1C, fasting insulin, etc.)
  • Inflammatory markers and blood sugar control below lab normal. (CRP, HgbA1C, fasting insulin, etc.)


  • I only have one or two friends or family members I can count on. I don’t have a spiritual connection.
  • I have a small group of friends or family members that I rely on. I occasionally find the need to connect to God.
  • I have a large network of friends and family that offer constant support. I attend a place of worship regularly.


  • My sleep schedule is inconsistent and insomnia is a problem.
  • I work night shifts
  • My sleep schedule is regular but 6 hours or less / night.
  • I sleep 7-8 hours regularly, and rarely wake-up more than once in the night.

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Scoring Guide

9 – 12

Congratulations! You are on your way to a long vibrant life!

5 – 8

You can expect an average American lifespan, which may still include chronic diseases typical of the aging process. Become more energetic and vital with targeted strategies!

0 – 4

You need immediate expert advice to reverse the aging process!


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