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Chiropractic Care

You are likely used to trying treatment approaches that mostly just address your symptoms. ABA Family Chiropractic provides a different approach to chiropractic care. Instead of just treating your symptoms, we look for the root causes of your issues and aim to restore proper function in specific areas. Our team routinely sees patients with pain in multiple places, especially in the back and neck, and are able to address them all due to a comprehensive system that works so well that we consistently see incredible results in only a few visits.

To relieve your pain and restore your health, we not only look at the spine, but we also take into consideration the spine’s effect on the nervous system. We start by taking an in-depth history to ensure we provide the best care possible.

With our use of the Gonstead Method and our philosophy of care in general, you can be sure that we are making well thought out decisions to treat you holistically and successfully.

The Gonstead Method

Dr. Michael Pickens is a practitioner of the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. This unique approach to chiropractic care involves a thorough spinal analysis using five specific steps. By carefully analyzing your spine, he can detect misalignments and loss of movement of your vertebrae, which results in interference with nerve function and ill health. Following his detailed evaluation, the doctor will provide precise spinal adjustments to restore normal function to your spine and relieve nerve irritation. As nerve irritation and interference are removed, pain is relieved, and normal function can be restored to the organs supplied by those nerves. In this way you can return to optimal health.

The passion Dr. Pickens have for what he does shows in the lengths he has gone to equip ourselves to best address your needs. Our dedicated team in Toledo has traveled to attend multiple seminars and receive training at the original Gonstead clinic in Wisconsin. We all receive this method of care ourselves, and have experienced incredible results.

Get Started

Relief from chronic pain in the back, neck, and/or any other joints in your body most likely can be achieved with our thorough approach. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for comprehensive care and rapid relief.


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