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Functional Nutrition in Toledo Near Me

At ABA Family Chiropractic, we can help you reduce your cholesterol, resolve your digestive troubles, improve your sleep and energy, help you lose weight, balance your blood sugar, and more – all without medications. We do this through a functional medicine approach which utilizes body chemistry analysis to determine an individualized whole food nutrition plan and supplement protocol to reverse chronic illness. Our nutritionist Nancy  has not only a masters degree in human nutrition, but also holds a certificate from the Functional Medicine University in this specialty.

Our Approach

At ABA Family Chiropractic (near me), Nancy Pickens RN, MS has decades of experience helping people discover the root cause of their illness using a comprehensive health history interview; a nutritionally oriented physical exam; and appropriate lab tests to determine how to best approach your health complaint.

Based on your analysis, dietary and supplement recommendations will be outlined that are acceptable to your goals and lifestyle. Additionally, muscle testing is often used to further determine your individual needs. Nancy will explain the reasoning and research behind her recommendations and answer all of your questions. Education is a big part of enabling you to take control of your health.

Nancy may also suggest exercises, stress management techniques and other lifestyle modifications to supplement your wellness plan. We want to empower you to live a vigorous and healthy life!
Nancy standing near shelf of supplements

Our Services

Many of our patients have specific issues they are looking to address. Fortunately, our bodies are designed to heal themselves, so when you give it the proper building blocks and care, the body will innately begin the process of healing. We offer a holistic approach (near me) for issues such as:

  • Poor gut health
  • Anti-aging
  • Preserving memory
  • Managing cholesterol
  • Managing diabetes
  • Reversing chronic illnesses

Benefits of Functional Nutrition Near Me

The traditional medical approach to the conditions above is usually to prescribe medications – medications that typically undermine the body’s ability to work as it should. Instead, a healthy diet and the right nutritional supplement program can help with:

  • Restoring a healthy gut biome: Eliminating processed foods and antacids can help restore gut health, the cornerstone of overall health.
  • Improving brain health: Our brains are mostly composed of fats, so incorporating healthy fats in your diet is crucial for brain function.
  • Slowing the aging process: Optimal nutrition coupled with exercise, stress management and other lifestyle habits can impact both physical and mental aging processes, so you can feel younger, longer.
  • Enhancing metabolic function: Medications for cholesterol and diabetes interfere with the body’s ability to regulate itself. Through dietary changes and supplementation, you may be able to reverse high cholesterol and diabetes.

Schedule Today

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to begin restoring your health!

Note: We encourage patients to book at least one week out, so they can keep a detailed food journal for seven days prior to their initial consultation. That way Nancy has all the information she needs to design the best program for you.


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