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Introducing ABA Family Chiropractic Team

Meet Dr. Michael Pickens

Toledo Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Pickens

Dr. Michael Pickens

Dr. Pickens decided to pursue a career in health care, because he had a strong desire to help people who were in pain or sick. He specifically chose to become a chiropractor as result of the phenomenal results he experienced through chiropractic care of his own painful injury.

“I was amazed at the results. Although I experienced a little pain during the first couple of adjustments, I also experienced almost immediate relief of the pressure I had felt for months. I was adjusted three times in the first week, and by the end of that week, I was able to do squats again. Soon, I was able to surpass the previous weight I was lifting.” Click to read more about Dr. Pickens»

Meet Nancy L. Pickens

Nancy Pickens

Nancy L. Pickens

RN, CWOCN, MS – Nutritional Counseling

Nancy chose to become a registered nurse due to her interest in healing and a desire to help people understand their health problems. Her mother’s work as a public health nurse and her father’s disability related to back surgery were very instrumental in her decision to enter nursing school at the University of Michigan.

Her pursuit of nutrition as a second career was a gradual process that developed while investigating her son’s health problems and her own affliction with chronic sinusitis. Nancy and Mike’s middle son, Jason, was underweight as an infant with frequent diarrhea, and at age 2 ½ was diagnosed with celiac disease. Click to read more about Nancy»

Laura Harper, RN

Laura Harper

Laura Harper

Licensed Massage Therapist

I have always been motivated to help people heal and bring comfort. After graduating from Capital University in 1980 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing, I was an obstetrical nurse for 13 years. I loved providing pain relieving care, but “retired” to raise my children. Throughout my “retirement” I tried to satisfy my need to heal by volunteering for many groups, but this was not enough. Click to read more about Laura»

Ashley Bussdieker

Licensed Massage Therapist, Ashley Bussdieker

Ashley Bussdieker

Licensed Massage Therapist

I didn’t always want to be a massage therapist. As a child, I thought my love of animals would lead to a career as a veterinarian. In high school my love of hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking had me considering a career as a park ranger. After changing my major twice in college and being unsure of where my true passion lay, I decided to take a year off, save up some money, and refocus myself on the future. click to read more about Ashley»

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