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Pediatric Chiropractic & Nutrition in Toledo

child being adjustedThe quality care at ABA Family Chiropractic is not limited to just adults. A lot of adult patient problems have their origin in childhood, as unnoticed or untreated minor traumas add up over time. That’s why we offer safe chiropractic care and functional nutrition for pediatric patients.

If you have children and are in the Toledo area, our pediatric chiropractic adjustments and functional nutrition programs may help your family avoid long-term conditions and chronic pain.

Plus, our comprehensive care has uncovered and resolved the causes of anxiety, constipation, ADHD, ear infections, tonsilitis, swelling in the lymph nodes, eczema, and other problems for many pediatric patients.

Gonstead Chiropractic for Pediatric Patients

Our philosophy is that, if you have a spine, it should be checked on a regular basis. While not every pediatric patient needs immediate chiropractic care, we are ready to evaluate anyone-from birth to the grave-and provide them holistic chiropractic care using the Gonstead Method.

Beyond the typical back or neck pain, pediatric patients may be complaining of headaches, growing pains, consistent illness, and/or stomach aches when they first visit. Whatever the issue, we work hard to provide chiropractic care that helps them get on track for healthy spinal and joint development as we take into account risk for scoliosis along with other issues.

Functional Nutrition for Pediatric Patients

Digestive problems and skin issues, such as eczema, are common conditions that we can help improve for our pediatric patients through functional nutrition. Conditions that affect behavior, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), can also be addressed by our functional nutritionist, Nancy Pickens.

Just like adults, pediatric patients receive a comprehensive evaluation of their lifestyle and nutrition that helps Nancy develop a personalized plan that is in alignment with the parents’ goals. Along with specific dietary recommendations, we carry pediatric supplements that are safe and integral in helping children achieve long-term wellness.

Schedule Pediatric Examination Today

It is never too early to bring in your children for a comprehensive examination. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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