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Breast Health

Breast Health 

As Northwest Ohio participates in “Race for the Cure” this month, I felt a review of supporting breast health to prevent cancer was imperative. Since prevention is our philosophy, let’s look at research based approaches to promote healthy hormone balance. 

Eat organic, whole food as close to nature as possible.

saladCruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage, are especially helpful for preventing hormonal cancers, such as breast cancer, because they contain the nutrients indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane that help the body excrete estrogen and other hormones.  Eat the rainbow for antioxidants / cancer preventative properties.  Get your fiber ladies – 30 grams per day from your diet, not from a supplement! Make sure you have adequate iodine from foods ( shellfish, sushi?) or use dulse flakes (seaweed) as a seasoning if you have switched to non-iodized salt.  Avoid sugar and processed non-organic soy products.    Obviously, meat and dairy should  be hormone free and grass fed, look for a local farmer to provide a trusted source.  Cold water fish like salmon and cod provides essential omega-3 fatty acids which is also helpful in promoting breast health.  Blue Zone Diet is my general recommendation!  


IMG_8936Drink plenty of clean water, preferably rich in minerals like spring water. It is imperative to invest in a high quality water purification system such as a reverse osmosis or a Berky water system to eliminate toxins often found in tap water that have been found to be hormone disrupters. Green tea is also a good beverage choice as it contains the anti-oxidant EGCG or epigallocatechin-3-gallate which has known anti-cancer properties.

Alcohol – the jury is still out on specific recommendations, I suggest limiting consumption to one drink daily, preferable red wine with dinner which is a Blue Zone strategy.

Get Moving and Maintain Desired Weight Goals.

Nancy on bikeExercise is important as it promotes circulation and lymphatic flow to help eliminate toxins from breast tissue. Engage in regular exercise, such as running, biking, elliptical machines, rebounders, weight training, yoga or organized sports. Frequent exercise has lasting benefits as it improves insulin levels and helps reduce body fat which is a source of excess estrogen. Racing once a year is not enough!

Sunlight, Sleep, and Stress

  Optimal vitamin D levels are linked to breast cancer prevention as is melatonin.  Getting exercise outside on sunny days has the added benefit of increasing vitamin D and having a connection with nature which is helpful in stress relief.  Mediate and find a connection with others that gives purpose to your life.  

Body Care Products

IMG_2732Body care products – Use only natural deodorants, shampoos, lotions, and make-up to further eliminate exposure to estrogen mimicking compounds or heavy metals that are linked to breast cancer. Research your products for toxicity level through the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Household cleaning and lawn care products should also be labeled “green” for the safety of your family.

Rethink your bra…. 

How long do you wear one?  Increased length of time per day wearing a bra directly correlates with higher risk of breast cancer.  Restriction of lymphatic drainage and increased temperature of breasts are thought to be the reasons for increased cancer incidence.  Limiting wear time and avoidance of bras with underwires and excess padding are helpful in maintaining healthy breasts. 

At ABA Family Chiropractic we recommend a variety of supplements that support breast health, but due to the individual nature of hormone imbalances it is essential to have a comprehensive health assessment in order to determine what is best for YOU! 

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