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Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (CATS)
at ABA Family Chiropractic

Dr Pickens adjusting patients neckCATS technique restores alignment to the bones in the head and face through precise pressure applied by the doctor’s hands over or near the junctions of the bones (sutures). Although most medical practitioners are unaware that the bones in the skull can and do move against each other, this fact was documented decades ago.

There is actually a minute constant rhythmic movement of the bones in the skull, which affects the tension on the coverings around the central nervous system. It is essential to the proper movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, which cushions and nourishes the CNS.

Either due to abnormal position in the womb or due to a difficult labor and delivery, a person is often born with misalignment of the cranial bones, which may not self-correct. Later on in life, due to blows to the head and/or face, either from falling or being hit in the head, many people have misalignment of one or more bones in the head or face, and many of them have health problems, as a result, that they don’t relate to the head.

Fast-Acting Technique

Developed over a 20-year period by world-renowned Canadian chiropractor, Dr. Roger Turner, CATS is the most direct, fast acting cranial technique we have seen. At ABA Family Chiropractic we have especially seen a need for CATS with unresponsive learning disorders, headaches, TMJ pain, foggy headedness and fatigue, but it actually has potential to help in any unresponsive health problem.


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