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Easter Brunch or Breakfast Disaster?

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What Does Your Easter Breakfast Look Like?

Snacking on bits of milk chocolate Easter bunnies, followed by cinnamon buns dripping in icing and butter, may seem like an Easter dream, however it can actually end up being more of a blood sugar nightmare for your body and a disaster for your kids. 

While milk chocolate does offer some healthy antioxidants thanks to its cocoa butter content, jelly beans and Peeps have no nutritional benefit; the major ingredient is just plain old sugar. This means that if you or your kids eat only chocolate for breakfast or add it to a carb-loaded meal, like cinnamon buns, coffee cake or pancakes; this morning indulgence will send blood sugar levels skyrocketing. This, in turn, can leave you feeling hungry and/or craving more sugar a short time later and you’ll inevitably find yourself being tempted to seek out additional treats – a surefire way to pack on the pounds and contribute to blood sugar problems, especially type 2 diabetes. Of course we know what happens to kids on a sugar high – hyperactivity and irritability, making the rest of your Easter holiday far from relaxing!

Instead, start your family’s Easter day with a healthy, balanced breakfast that contains protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. Indulge in eggs with avocado or nut butter toast along with fresh berries. Add some asparagus or spinach to that omelet!   Enjoy a smoothie with whey or plant based protein mixed with fruit / veggies, flax seeds, and nut milk. Or my personal favorite is Bob’s Red Mill Gluten free muesli soaked in walnut milk with added pecans. After a healthy Easter breakfast, if you want to treat yourself to that dark chocolate bunny by all means do! Your body will thank-you and won’t have the sugar “hang-over” that comes with splurging without following these simple nutritional rules.

Happy Easter!




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