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Insight Millennium Subluxation Station
at ABA Family Chiropractic

model of a spineAn assessment of nervous system function, this scan has two parts. Since only 10% of the nervous system carries pain sensation, pain is not an accurate indication of how much irritation or interference the nervous system is experiencing as a result of spinal dysfunction.

The first part of the assesment at ABA Family Chiropractic involves a thermal scan of the heat distribution along each side of the spine. Imbalance indicates dysfunction of the autonomic (or automatic) portion of the nervous system, since it controls the dilation of the blood vessesls in the skin along with the function of the internal organs.

The second part of the assessment uses surface EMG (electromyograph) to pick-up imbalances in the tone of the muscles along the spine, by reading electrical output from the nervous system to the muscles. This indicates the functioning of the motor portion of the nervous system.

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By conducting this exam before starting treatment Dr. Pickens hopes to avoid missing any non obvious levels of dysfunction in your spine. In other words, it gives him a window into the 90% of the nervous system which doesn’t register pain.

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