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What Our Patients Say About Their Results With Allergy Elimination

Zach G., Age 28:
Feeling good again after wasting away to almost nothing from severe diarrhea for over a month, getting no answers or relief at the hospital and from multiple doctors.

I would like to preface my story by saying I consider myself to be a healthy person. At the time of my story I was 28 years old, 5ft. 6in., 165lbs., with perfect blood pressure, and an active life style. Some might say I’m a “health food nut”, because I’m not addicted to pop, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, or fast food, and I am always conscious of what I put in my body.

My problem started gradually, and for about 4 weeks I had diarrhea once or twice per week. During that time I tried some home remedies to stop the diarrhea with no success, therefore, I made an appointment to see my doctor. He suggested waiting a little longer to do anything medical, then if symptoms persisted to see a gastroenterologist. Almost immediately after the appointment my symptoms became much worse, with me having diarrhea every day.

I would get up in the morning and go to the bathroom 5 or 6 times, until there was nothing left in me. I started to eliminate things from my diet, trying to get some relief. Yet nothing seemed to help. I was still working during this time, which only exhausted and dehydrated me further. I was weak, fatigued, light headed, having trouble maintaining my body temperature, had no appetite, and was losing weight fast. When I went to the GI doctor he ordered a blood test for Celiac disease, but it would take 10-14 days to get the results. I was so desperate for relief that I cut everything out of my diet except boiled chicken and rice.

One day I came home from work and called my mother-in-law to come watch over me. By the time she got to me I was sweating profusely. I told her I needed to go to the hospital. My hands and feet became numb and I started to shake. I was so weak I couldn’t stand, and I had trouble putting sentences together. My dad had to carry me to the car. When we got to the emergency room it took 2 IV bags to rehydrate me. The emergency room doctor and the attending gastroenterologist wanted to admit me for further testing , only to be denied admission by my family doctor. The next morning I woke up in the same state of health as the night before. Not knowing what to do, I told my wife that I needed to go back to the hospital. My family doctor made me come to his office before admitting me to the hospital.

After being admitted to the hospital I underwent a gauntlet of tests, including a colonoscopy, chest x-ray, countless blood tests, CAT scan, electrocardiogram, upper GI studies, 24hr. stool and urine analysis, and many more. After 7 days in the hospital I was discharged with a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, I was down to 147 pounds (a loss of 18 pounds). I left with little to no information and in no better shape than when I was admitted. Most of the tests at the hospital had come back negative or normal. The only new information we had about my condition was that two of the tests showed that my body was not absorbing the fat that I was eating, and that I was also losing protein. In layman’s terms this meant that even though I was eating, I was starving to death.

While I was in the hospital I called my Chiropractor, and he recommended that I see Dr. Pickens. The day after I was released I called Dr. Pickens’ office, and the secretary had Dr. Pickens call me on his lunch hour. I told him what I was experiencing and he thought he could help. The next day Dr. Pickens worked me into his schedule even though he was leaving for vacation that evening. He spent over two hours with me, listening to and documenting my health history. He was able to identify two major problems at the time; he began by treating my most prominent issue.

After having spent a week in the hospital being poked and prodded and losing all sense of dignity with little to no results, Dr. Pickens’ testing method was painless and noninvasive. His testing is low tech but very precise. The first treatment with the cold laser seemed too good to be true. It was quick, easy, and totally painless. The effects of the treatment started working almost immediately. For the first time in a month I actually had an appetite. Over the course of six weeks he treated me for 5 different identified problems. With each of the treatments I never felt any ill effects and saw noticeable improvements. One of my problems was long standing lactose intolerance that I had been dealing with for a decade. He was able to correct the lactose intolerance with only two treatments. Dr. Pickens was able to help me in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional medicine, and the treatment worked.

Since seeing Dr. Pickens I have been able to return to work and a normal diet. I was very happy with the results. I recommended him to any one with digestive issues, or to any one with food allergies.

Marcia and Dennis C., AGES 58 & 59:
Husband and wife, after smoking a pack or more a day for approximately 40 years (and previously being unsuccessful at stopping with other measures), easily quit with 1 week combination of laser treatments and herbal/homeopathic support.

I tried acupuncture and Chantix in unsuccessful attempts to stop smoking. Then I was about to give the patch a shot when Dr. Pickens suggested I give “Just Stop” a try.

“Just Stop” was the easiest method to quit smoking, yet!

In addition to 3 specialized cold laser treatments to “reprogram” my central nervous system during the first week of stopping smoking, I used an herbal supplement along with a homeopathic formula to lessen cravings. Remarkably, there was no great urge to smoke. I had no nicotine cravings and did not feel nervous or irritable. It was so easy and it worked! What a blessing.

P.S. Within a few months of successful quitting smoking, my husband tried the Just Stop program and easily quit also.

Tyrus C., AGE 10:
Down’s Syndrome: Huge improvements in behavior, ability to focus, and do school work after only one BAX treatment.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Tyrus for four years. He is a wonderful child whom I enjoy having in my class. Tyrus has struggled to follow directions and stay focused in class. He has had issues with compliance and has often not engaged in the learning process. I recently noticed a huge change in him, however. He became more thoughtful in answering questions. His brain engaged, and he is participating in class. He follows directions and will comply with 90% of my requests. His mom informed me that he received a BAX treatment for the energetic imbalance associated with Down’s Syndrome. This treatment has definitely helped Tyrus become a better learner and overall student.


Brooke M.

Theresa P., AGE 53:
Under-functioning thyroid and allergies eliminated through comprehensive approach. Grandchildren’s headaches, allergies and bedwetting responding.

When my medical doctor discovered I had hypothyroidism, she prescribed the traditional drug. I asked if there weren’t some vitamins or something I could take to improve my thyroid’s function. She said there wasn’t anything that she knew of. I read up on the drug and was shocked to learn that once you take it, you must take it for life. It takes over for your thyroid and your thyroid atrophies. Someone recommended Dr. Pickens, and although I was skeptical, I made an appointment. Dr. Pickens has changed my life!

Through muscle testing, he determined exactly what my thyroid needed and what dose. (No wasting money on supplements that “might” help.) I took supplements for a few months and went back to my medical doctor for a check-up. I confessed to her that I didn’t take the drug she had prescribed, but tried natural remedies. She said, “Oh, then you need another thyroid test.” To her surprise and my delight, my thyroid tested fine.

I have had digestive problems and sinus congestion my whole life. When I was tested for allergies by an M.D. allergist through blood tests and painful scratch tests, the tests were positive only for dust-mites. The doctor explained to me that there are different allergic responses and the scratch test only tests for IgE response. He said I could very well have other allergies, but they only test for things they can give shots for. Ouch! Dr. Pickens to the rescue! Through NAET, he does pain-free muscle testing for allergies. He has been treating me for allergies, and I can breathe through both nostrils now, and my digestive problems have virtually disappeared.

I am so pleased with what Dr. Pickens has done for me that I have put my precious grandchildren in his hands. He cured my nine year old’s daily headaches with chiropractic. Through NAET, we are eliminating their allergies and already see a big improvement in some bed-wetting problems. My three-year-old grandson is so thrilled with his treatments that he told me, “I wish I could get treated by Doctor Pickens everyday!”

When you see a surgeon, he recommends surgery. When you see an M.D., he recommends drugs. When you see Doctor Pickens, he has a more open-minded approach. He believes in treating the person and curing the root cause. He isn’t married to one method of treatment. He is a perfectionist with a wealth of knowledge and skill in chiropractic, NAET, muscle testing and nutritional supplements. Best of all, he takes the time to listen because he truly cares about you.

Pat C., Age 54:
Sleeping through the night and at peace without medication after being addicted for years to prescription drugs for insomnia and anxiety.

I’m one of those people you never would have picked out of a line up and said, “She’s a drug addict.” But I was one. That’s correct, “Was.” My journey to getting free from the chains of addiction from pharmaceutical drugs was painful, but worth it all.

Your story may be a lot like mine. No one thinks they will become a drug addict when they begin using pharmaceutical drugs to get relief from depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Never-the-less, the effects that these drugs have on our physiological bodies make us prisoners in our bodies.

My decision to get off these drugs stemmed from my husband and I losing our health benefits after he retired. Since we could no longer afford to pay for my prescriptions of Ambien and Ativan, I decided to forge forward with the support of my husband and begin weaning myself off these powerful drugs.

The physical and emotional strain that not only I had to go through, but also my entire family, was nothing I could have ever envisioned. None-the-less, we were committed to seeing this entire process through. That is when we contacted Dr. Pickens.

Dr. Pickens’ innovative methods of treating me with NAET, and chiropractic adjustments, along with nutritional supplements, allowed me to speed up the detoxing process. It gave my brain the needed support so that it could return to a balanced state. Also, the compassion and support that Dr. Pickens offered my husband and I as he walked with us through this painful adventure was something that you don’t get to experience much in the Western medical world.

I am now sleeping through the entire night without any use of Ambien, which I was on for almost 10 years. I have complete peace, free from any anxiety, after having to use anti-anxiety drugs for almost a year. The health that I am now experiencing is something that I did not think was even possible.

The difference between Dr. Pickens and the rest of the medical world is that Dr. Pickens can help you be truly healed. You no longer have to take the pills to cover symptoms. With his holistic health approach, the body heals itself and the disease goes away. It is truly a gift that I can not stop praising the Lord for!

Dawn A. & Christopher A., AGES 37 & 10:
Able to eat like a normal family again. Relief from joint pain and skin problems for mother and improvement in focus and behavior for her son, resulting in improved school work and a happier family.

NAET has simplified my life. Before my son and I were de-sensitized, there was not a meat I could fix that my entire family of four could eat (without negative consequences). I was allergic to beef and chicken, my son was allergic to eggs and turkey, and my daughter is allergic to all seafood. (She has yet to be treated.) NAET has made my life easier – I can fix just one meat for a meal instead of two.

Our menu has expanded too. Plus I can eat out at restaurants and other people’s homes. We again have omelets, egg-protein/fruit smoothies, cookies, and muffins in our home.

I used to have aches in my feet and hips, which I only had after eating red meat-I don’t have that pain anymore. Also, my hands used to have dry itchy patches of skin that cracked and bled. When I desensitized to RNA/DNA and plant fats, my hands cleared. They are normal! I don’t hide my hands now.

Another huge difference NAET has made in our lives is with my elementary school-age son. He was demanding, angry, irritable, irrational, and did not accept responsibility for his wrong doings. He was tired and had little to no attention span. Since he has been treated for the pertinent nutrients, he’s a pleasure to be around. He has made a huge turn around in the efficiency and quality of his school work (and chores). Thank-you Dr. Pickens!

Jeri W., AGE 49:
Lifelong food allergies, insomnia and depression corrected, feeling great and planning to live past 100.

While reading a book on finances, of all things, I took a quiz about my lifestyle and what was important to me. I thought it would end up revealing how much money I should put away for the future, instead, it pointed out that as a divorced woman with no children and her own business, what was most important to me was my health. Without anyone to “take care of me” as I aged and relying solely on myself for an income, I reached the startling conclusion that health must be number one. So, instead of dropping out of the health club to save money, like I though the book would advise, I joined the YMCA, (closer to my house), and signed up for twice a week spinning classes. I found a nutritionist and started to take control of my eating habits.

Then menopause hit, bringing on hot flashes, insomnia, depression, and the search to make it through this phase of my life unscathed by drugs. A friend of mine with boundless energy and an enviable ability to cope with life was going through menopause at the same time. During a conversation one evening, she told me she was being treated by Dr. Mike Pickens for her chiropractic needs and receiving nutritional supplements to help control her hypoglycemia.

I was taking the alphabet in vitamins plus a few other herbs, and was wondering what I really needed. Exactly how much vitamin C did I need to supplement considering my new eating habits? Was I just wasting my money and literally flushing the excess away? Dr. Pickens seemed like the perfect solution.

My first visit to Dr. Pickens completely took me by surprise. I thought he would take a blood sample and find out what vitamin and minerals I was missing, then concoct a supplement to fit my needs. Boy, was I wrong. I found myself lying on his treatment table with my arm up in the air holding little bottles of who knows what. Was this guy nuts or what?

The results of my first testing showed I was allergic to most every food known to Mankind. Which really didn’t surprise me, as my mother had always told me I was allergic to everything except liver, peas, applesauce and goats milk, when I was a baby. Yet the only thing I had severe reactions to were fresh citrus fruits, aspirin and sulfa.

Well, trying to keep an open mind and pushing away all thoughts of Dr. Pickens being an escapee from a mental asylum, I gave in to the first treatment. It ended up being very relaxing, totally non-invasive, and as a bonus, I got to take a 20 minute nap! But what would it do?

Within hours I would find out. That night I slept better than I had in at least three years. I slept soundly, never woke up during the night, and hopped out of bed refreshed. I didn’t care if Dr. Pickens ever cured a single allergy, if I got to sleep like this it was all worth it!

As time went by and I continued my treatments, I began to see some other results. At Christmas I ate my first orange in years without having an allergic reaction. I then tried to take a couple of aspirin and didn’t break out in hives. Amazingly, the treatment was working. I still couldn’t believe it, but the truth was right there staring me in the face… a big, delicious Florida orange.

I continued with the treatments and all was going well. It had gotten to the point that it only took one treatment for me to “clear” the allergen. (In the beginning it took upwards of three times.) Then, it seemed like out of the blue menopause came back with a vengeance, and I fell into a deep depression. The symptoms became progressively worse to the point I wasn’t leaving my house. I was cold to the core all the time and was sleeping 10 plus hours a day.

As I dragged myself to my appointment with Dr. Pickens, I never thought to tell him about my dilemma, and only mentioned my symptoms when he asked me how I was doing. Well, he jumped right in and treated me for thyroid. I couldn’t believe it. The next morning I woke up and could breath. Now, to anyone who has experienced depression, this is a major development. Typically you feel there is a 50 pound weight on your chest pushing down every breath you take. It was gone! This was astonishing.

As the week wore on, I continued to feel happier and happier (so much so I started to think maybe I was bi-polar and this was the high side)! The feelings started to subside by late in the week, and when I went back to Dr. Pickens, he had to treat me for thyroid again. It took three times to finally correct my thyroid condition, but my depression is thankfully a thing of the past.

How does NAET work? I have no idea, but I love the results. What is going to happen when I finish the program? I’m hoping Dr. Pickens will finally advise me what supplements, if any, I need to take, and I’ll walk out the door allergy free and healthy. I think I may become a super being and live disease free well into my 100’s? If I do, I’ll have to look up Dr. Pickens and his patients, as all our skeptical friends will be gone!

Michelle H.
7 year old daughter with allergies, asthma and no energy off all medications. Happy, healthy and full of energy again after nutrition and allergy treatment program.

“Carley started having problems a couple years ago. Last fall, we ended up taking her to the ER two separate times for breathing problems that were treated as croup – later we found out it was asthma attacks. She had dark circles under her eyes, and any exercise or physical exertion triggered wheezing. After changing pediatricians, Carley was sent to an allergist last March and she was diagnosed with allergies to dogs, dust mites, and mold. After being put on Singular and Nasonex (as well as Albuterol inhaler, if needed) she became much better. She could run more without wheezing or being wiped out. She wasn’t getting sick or reacting to dogs as much, etc.

However, Carley kept gaining weight, seemed down, and unhappy a lot, and we didn’t like that she was dependent on medication everyday. I asked her pediatrician about the weight gain and moodiness. The pediatrician basically blew it off and said to make sure Carley eats healthy and exercises. I started “Googling” on the Internet for her medications and weight gain. I found all kinds of stuff where people are saying that they were gaining weight but couldn’t go off of their meds because of allergy/asthma issues if they did.

When Carley had first seen the allergist, a friend of mine, who suffered from allergies and asthma most of her life, told me about going to a doctor who was able to help her tremendously (in San Francisco). I didn’t give it much thought at the time, because I felt the allergist had us on the right path. I decided to ask my friend about it, and she told me all about the NAET treatments she had gone through and how she no longer was on any medications or inhalers and not experiencing any problems. This was after she had seen several specialists, had sinus surgeries, etc. with no success. So, I did some searching on the Internet and found Dr. Pickens.

My husband and I decided it was worth checking out further, and we scheduled a consultation and testing for Carley. It was definitely different than anything we’d ever tried and felt like it was a risk given the expense. But, we had my friend’s experience to encourage us, along with our strong desire to get our healthy, happy daughter back. The things Dr. Pickens explained to us after asking about her medical history all seemed to make sense. He felt that a long bout of antibiotics a couple of years ago had wiped out the good bacteria in Carley’s body and started yeast over production. This also was contributing to her allergies/asthma.

Carley has been seeing Dr. Pickens weekly for about three months now and with a combination of diet, natural supplements, and NAET treatments, she is doing great! She hasn’t had any allergy medications or inhalers in over a month, with no problems. She’s playing soccer and taking ice-skating lessons and is experiencing no breathing issues/wheezing. Last year, she couldn’t make it up and down the soccer field without wheezing. Now, she’s slimming down and her pants are falling off. Recently, we went to a friend’s house, who has dogs. Carley had no problems (and she hasn’t even had a NAET treatment for dogs). In the past, even with Singular, she would get itchy eyes.

Carley recently celebrated her seventh birthday, and a friend commented at her party that she hadn’t seen Carly so happy and energetic in ages. That was just more re-affirmation to my husband and I that we had made the right decision. We get lots of comments from people noticing the changes.

I’ll admit, it took awhile to see any results, and we wondered if it was making any difference. The NAET treatments she was getting were for things we never had any idea she was affected by, so we couldn’t tell if they didn’t affect her anymore. We had wished she could be treated for dogs, dust mites, and mold and just “proved” that NAET works! At first, I was leery to tell anyone what we were doing for fear that they would think we were crazy – now I tell anyone who will listen. We’re very happy that we stuck through that period of time before we saw results, because the results we have now are so worth it!”

Dr. Rick K.
2½ year old daughter’s severe eczema since 3 days old dramatically improved after just a few weeks of treatment.

“My daughter began developing eczema on her third day after birth. Yes, 3 days old and she began breaking out with rashes of eczema on her cheeks. Her pediatrician said it was a common ailment with children and that she would “grow out of it” by 4-6 months of age. Well by that time her eczema wasn’t any better, in fact it was worse. It spread from her face to her elbows, knees, wrists, ankles, and mildly on the trunk of her body. At this point, her pediatrician recommended we have her see a dermatologist. Creams and steroids were given which helped, only temporarily. Soon after we moved from Iowa back to Ohio and began seeing another dermatologist, who after 3 or 4 visits for her breakouts, told my wife and I that he could keep giving her steroids off and on to help clear the skin up, but it would destroy her liver more than help her skin. He further stated that as she got older, she would learn to take care of her skin and eczema on her own.

As a chiropractor myself, I wouldn’t settle for that explanation. I knew something was out there that would work without destroying my daughter’s organs. The search began heavily online. Numerous lotions, creams, anything and everything that said it would help or cure eczema we tried. Nothing worked more than a few days if at all. My poor daughter’s life consisted of wearing long sleeves, long pants, and socks over her hands regardless of the weather or temperature. It seemed like everything affected her. In the first 2 ½ years of her life she slept through the entire night only 3-4 times max. My wife and I took shifts sleeping with her, cuddled up with her feet and hands separated so she wouldn’t scratch her skin open, many nights with her shoes on as well. Every fold or crease of her skin would crack open and bleed, so severe at times they became infected no matter how much or well we cleaned them. Finally after almost a year of research on eczema and eczema treatment, one little paragraph said that eczema might be caused by food allergies. So the search began. How do you find and/or treat food allergies? We tried elimination diets, rotation diets. Avoided some foods all together. The only food that we could figure out that would cause a major reaction was milk products. She would break out in hives and begin to wheeze after ingesting regular milk products. She was on soy formula after my wife stopped breast feeding, then onto rice milk. After thinking back, we figured the milk allergy began at birth. Due to her high birth weight (9lbs. 5oz) the hospital was so worried that she may be diabetic, even though my wife did not have gestational diabetes with the pregnancy, that they gave her regular formula after her blood sugar was supposedly low and she projectile vomited halfway through a ½ ounce of formula.

After trying the diets and trying to figure the allergies out on their own, my wife and I knew there was more, we just couldn’t pinpoint them. Shortly after I found NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). After doing a search of NAET practitioners, I contacted by e-mail another chiropractor, Dr. Michael Pickens, who was 1 ½ hours from my office. He called my home the very next day and talked to my wife and set up the initial consultation. During the consultation he explained what NAET was and how no needles are used, but little vials and muscle response testing (MRT) was used to determine the allergies. Since my daughter was too young to do the MRT herself he used me as a surrogate and tested her through skin to skin contact with me.

Now, as a chiropractor I was familiar with muscle testing but was never exposed to the treatment of NAET. I must admit at first I thought it was voodoo, hocus pocus, until I began to see the results. Her first treatment of any food was the calcium mix, not milk, but all the different types of calcium. After Dr. Pickens explained how the components and ingredients of the things around us could affect us, not just the products themselves, it all began to make sense. After just one treatment with the calcium mix, and avoiding anything with calcium in it for 25 hours, her skin began to clear up. Two days later, for the first time in her life, she was able to enjoy an ice cream cone with my wife, her older brother, and myself without the hives or wheezing!!

From that point on I knew we had a long way to go, but we finally found something that worked. Even better, no needles or injections. Even at the age of 2 she knew she couldn’t have cow’s milk with her cereal in the morning, it had to be rice milk or she would eat it dry. When she saw me pouring milk in her cereal bowl, she even told me, “Dad I can’t drink that kind of milk” and when I told her she could, she looked at me like I was crazy. When she drank it without the reaction, she got a huge smile on her face afterwards.

Upon further testing, Dr. Pickens found that she was allergic to the Vitamin C mix, Yeast mix, Vitamin B complex mix, Sugar mix, Vitamin A mix, Iron mix, Mineral mix, Grain mix, wheat, corn, gluten, Candida, and even our own tap water. Now we knew why she hated baths so much. Her skin would get worse after baths, no matter how gentle the soap etc. Even during the treatments, Dr. Pickens asked how she was with her little brother. She did seem like she didn’t like him too much. I remember her telling my wife and I to take him back to the hospital, drop him, and throw him out. Things we thought were normal when a new child was brought into a home.

Dr. Pickens even tested for emotions and found that jealousy and dislike tested positive. Literally within a few hours of being treated for the emotions, she was not only fine with her brother, but she began to play with him, hug him, and say she loved him.

Now we know she has more to treat for, but I have been so elated with the results that I decided to learn NAET myself to not only help her, but the rest of my family, and my patients. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Dr. Pickens for giving my daughter a new look on life. She is now sleeping through the night and has very, very few “scratching fits.” We still have a long way to go with her, but we are well on our way. I see an entirely new world and life ahead for my daughter and family. The pictures are just a sample of the proof of this technique.”

Hope C., Age 20:
After months of severe diarrhea, weight loss and fatigue following a vaccination, health miraculously restored and life back to normal again.

“In August 2005, I received two vaccinations before I went to college. Shortly after being vaccinated, I began to experience digestive problems. At first, the digestive problems were moderate and I thought that maybe I was stressed or I was not eating properly. I was occasionally having diarrhea and constipated throughout the week, but as time went on, I was having diarrhea consistently throughout each day.

After a few weeks, I decided to see medical doctors at my university because my digestive problems were worsening and becoming more painful. The three different medical doctors I had seen told me that I was probably just stressed and trying to adjust and that I should try to wait it out. I tried all of their recommendations and yet my digestive problems did not go away and it was actually becoming worse. Not only was I still having diarrhea, but I was constantly tired. It was not unusual for me to sleep ten to twelve hours every night, go to class in the morning for a few hours, and then take a three or four hour nap in the afternoon. Even when I was awake during the day, I found myself very tired and not able to do mundane things, like walk up the stairs to my dorm room every day or remember assignments for my classes.

By January 2006, my condition had worsened so much that I was missing many of my classes. I decided to go see some medical doctors back at home to have blood tests and stool tests done. They found that I was very anemic, but nothing else to fix all of my digestive problems. Then, one of the medical doctors referred me to a gastro-intestinal specialist. My family doctor recommended that I medically withdraw from the university I was attending and move back home to undergo more tests.

I saw the gastro-intestinal specialist and he ran more blood tests. He explained that it could be a variety of things – anything from food allergies to Crohns’ disease. My blood results showed that I had gluten sensitivity and that I tested positive for a portion of the test that was thought to be Celiac Disease. As other blood tests were performed, Celiac Disease was ruled out and there were not answers to the problems that I was having. At this point, I had lost about 30 pounds and became even more tired than I was in the previous months. The specialist had recommended that I have a CT enterography and colonoscopy. The CT enterography showed inflammation in my intestines and the colonoscopy revealed that I had “suspicious spots” on some of my intestines. After the procedure, the specialist said he thought the spots looked similar to Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease, but that we would have to wait for a blood test to conclude whether I had the markers for Colitis or Crohn’s Disease. When my results came back, the specialist told me that I had actually tested negative for all of these genetic markers, which suggested that I did not have Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, or any other bowel syndrome. The specialist recommended that I be put on steroids, although he said that the steroids may not really help the chronic diarrhea that I was having.

Completely frustrated, I talked to my family chiropractor and he suggested that I see Dr. Pickens (my family chiropractor had actually recommended Dr. Pickens months before, but I was adamant on seeking western medical treatment first). At first, I was skeptical of the kind of treatments that Dr. Pickens performed, but I was so desperate that I could have cared less what I tried, as long as it could fix my problem. It was the end of March 2006 when I had my first treatment with Dr. Pickens and from talking to him, I was hopeful that I could recover from the digestive problems. I suppose I was hoping to be cured of the problems in just days or weeks, but that was not the case with me. I was so malnourished (my body was literally rejecting everything I ate) and had so many allergies that a few treatments would not show significant improvement. I became very frustrated and thought about stopping the NAET treatments, but Dr. Pickens encouraged me to keep continuing the treatments and that I would get better soon. About two months or so later, I began to notice a tremendous improvement in my condition. I was not having as much diarrhea and I began to gain weight. With each treatment, I was feeling significantly better and my overall health was improving drastically. Instead of having diarrhea everyday (sometimes 10-20 times or more a day), I was having diarrhea a few times per week. My final NAET treatment was in November 2006. I have gained all of my weight back and I am able to go to school and live my life. Occasionally, I will still have some bowel trouble, but it is nowhere near the intensity as it was a year ago.

Looking back, if I regret anything about the whole situation, I regret not seeing Dr. Pickens earlier. It had been so important to me to go through the western medical field first because I was so skeptical of alternative medicine at the time. Also, near the beginning of my symptoms, I felt that maybe my problems would just go away and did not take the problems seriously. I really wish I would have started the treatments earlier! NAET treatments literally saved my life. I know that sounds very corny and cheesy, but I know that if my conditions would have persisted, there is absolutely no way I would have lived a normal life.”

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