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What Our Patients Say About Their Results With Nutritional Therapy

Suzanne K., AGE 58:
Hair loss reversed, plus feels great due to supplement program.

In October 2003, I started noticing a few extra stands of hair in the shower and on my vanity. This continued for several months, steadily getting worse. It was very obvious my hair was falling out! The texture was changing to dry and brittle. My scalp was showing through.

I made an appointment with my medical doctor. She wasn’t too concerned, but did do blood work for thyroid function. It was OK. She recommended a dermatologist. He also didn’t seem too concerned, but commented that situations such as extreme stress, dieting, divorce or death of a loved one could cause this. I had none of these! My hair was getting thinner, and my beautician was concerned. She stopped applying color and perming my hair, hoping that would help.

By now it was January, and I was very concerned. My niece suggested I see Dr. Pickens to see if he could help solve the problem. Of course, I was skeptical of NRT, but no-one else had helped me, and my niece was very encouraging.

Dr. Pickens listened and was very optimistic that he could help me. I started on a program of supplements to get my system in balance, and soon I started seeing less hair falling out. I was amazed how Dr. Pickens could pinpoint my weaknesses!

It’s been over a year since my 1 st appointment with Dr. Pickens, and my hair looks better than ever, and I feel great. I am on a “maintenance” program now and would suggest to anyone to try Dr. Pickens and NRT!!

Tina R., AGE 35:
After 3 years of suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, with no relief from Medicine, symptoms are under control with NRT and Nutrition.

After suffering for over three years with digestive problems and going through every medical test imaginable, I made the decision to try Alternative Medicine. I wanted a more natural, drug free way to become healthier. I began treatment with Dr. Pickens, and am pleased to say that with NRT and Nutrition, he has helped me to control my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, along with other health issues such as high cholesterol, weight gain, bloating, and hiatal hernia.

I truly believe that nutrition is the most important way to help support your body and immune system. By giving your body the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs, you are more successful in correcting the cause of health issues, instead of just masking the problem with medications.

Robin J., AGE 32:
Relief from headaches, neck pain, digestive problems, and fatigue.

I came to see Dr. Pickens specifically for headaches and neck pain, but have also had digestive and colon problems for several years. Through chiropractic, my headaches and neck pain are gone. The NRT has stopped the roller coaster symptoms of bloating, cramping, constipation and fatigue. I am now on the right nutrition specific for my body’s needs and have never felt better.

Karen O., AGE 42:
Functioning well and enjoying life again in spite of having MS due to comprehensive program.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” I repeat this Bible verse to myself several times a day, now let me tell you my story.

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in October of 1998, but my symptoms first appeared in February of 1998. I had just started a new job four months prior. In this new position I spent a great deal of time cradling the phone on my shoulder, so when my right foot went numb and the numbness moved up my right leg, I was sure that I had pinched a nerve. Within a couple of weeks both feet, legs, hands and arms were all numb. I was scheduled for my annual physical with my doctor during this same time period, so I went off hoping for an easy answer. She honestly did not know, but she had a friend with MS, and she feared the same for me. She sent me to a doctor friend who ordered an MRI, blood tests and poked a bunch of needles in my arms and feet to measure the electrical response of my body. This test did show some abnormalities, but not conclusive results. The MRI came back with just one very small lesion at the base of my skull. This doctor also suspected MS, but only 1% of the MS cases start with a lesion at the base of the skull. He sent me to another doctor. He also stuck needles in my body (feet, legs, hands, arms and my side.) He was not convinced that I had MS, but I definitely had a problem. His theory was not to diagnosis MS, as that would somehow become a self-proclaiming prophesy. It was now Spring, by early summer this doctor had a stroke and I waited for his recovery. At the end of summer, I would learn that this doctor was giving up his practice. I had been poked, prodded, X-rayed and drained of my blood, but still no answer. It was now October 1998, a friend recommended a neurologist in Toledo, so I made an appointment. The only test left was a spinal tap. I agreed and got my answer. My spinal fluid was full of proteins a solid indicator of MS. I was now not only experiencing numbness in my limbs, but I also had chronic fatigue, burning sensations in my arms, and vision issues ranging from blurred to double vision. This would only be the beginning of my daily life with MS.

In February of 1999, I started taking a weekly interferon injection in the hopes of slowing the progress of my disease. Like most other patients I had flu like side-effects from the drug. As in a few patients, my side-effects were severe, and I lost 36-72 hours of my life every week for the first several years. In July of 2000, I had a relapse that landed me in the hospital for a week hooked up to a steroid IV that was given around the clock every six hours for five days. My doctor was on vacation, so his very arrogant partner took over my care. By day three, I was in serious pain, but this attending doctor would not listen to me, and he continued the IV. When I was released from the hospital, I was passing blood and could not stand upright due to the amount of pain in my abdomen. For four months, I was not able to eat solid food without severe pain. The only good thing about this experience was the loss of 25 unwanted pounds that I had gained since the onset of my MS.

I continued to live my life such as it was, holding down a full time job, raising my two teenagers, and trying to be a good wife. My weekly injections continued to make me sick, so I took them on Friday night and gave up every weekend to flu like symptoms. In July of 2001, a friend referred me to Dr. Pickens. I was scared of chiropractors, as I had a bad experience with one in the past, but I was told that Dr. Pickens also practiced natural methods other than chiropractic. I was pretty much a basket case when I walked into his office. We started with NRT (Nutritional Reflex Technique), and I started taking massive doses of supplements daily. It only took a week to see results. I had more energy, my constipation was improving, and for the first time since the MS started, I finally had hope. Dr. Pickens had improved the quality of my life, he was the first and only doctor to date to claim that title. We moved on to NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique), and with a couple of treatments, we were able to subdue the side effects of my MS drug. I still experienced side effects, but they were now minimal and manageable. The NAET treatments also made my sensitivity to heat and humidity greatly improve. The months turned to years, and my trust in Dr. Pickens became unshakable; next step chiropractic. Once again the results were immediate and undeniable. I was able to walk better, and my bladder spasticity and the icy feet that I experienced at night improved.

I am the exception to the rule. Many MS patients exhibit a couple of symptoms, usually fatigue, balance, and walking issues. While none of my symptoms are what my neurologist considers as major issues in themselves, she does agree that I do have most if not all the MS symptoms daily, which causes complications in my life. I live with seventeen different symptoms daily. (I forgot to mention that after the July 2000 hospital episode I changed doctors and now see a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic Mellon Center.)

In December 2007, a blood test indicated that my liver function was extremely high and I was taken off my MS drug for the first time since February 1998. Once again Dr. Pickens, and his wife Nancy, (who now performs the NRT, Nervous System Scan, Meridian Stress Assessment and Ionic Detoxification Footbaths) came to the rescue. Nancy started me on three specific supplements for my liver and also introduced me to the Ionic Foot Bath. I was amazed. Within minutes I was turning clear water into colors. By the end of my 30 minutes, my water looked like something from the depths of Lake Erie. In a couple of weeks I had another blood test, and my liver stress had dropped by more than half. Still not perfect, but going in the right direction. My neurologist was very pleased and agreed I should continue to follow Dr. Pickens’ advice.

I am still off any injectable MS medication and plan to stay that way. Natural/Holistic methods are the best for me. My MS is not gone, but I pray daily to thank the Lord for the blessings Dr. Pickens and his wife have bestowed on my life. A life that I can now enjoy once again.

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